Poor Diet Choices Can Result In Poor Oral Health

Poor Diet Choices Can Result In Poor Oral Health

As apparent as it may seem that nutrition affects several aspects of your wellbeing; some people forget just how impactful diet is on one’s oral health. Maintaining healthy gums and teeth is important, but that effective care is almost useless without maintaining a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. It is imperative to maintain a balanced diet and healthy food choices to preserve a happy, stable life.

What foods can leave you with tooth and gum problems? Check out 123 Edward Street Dental’s guide on harmful food choices below:

Stay Away From These Stealthy & Unhealthy Foods

As delicious as the following foods are, they can cause more harm to your oral health than they are worth. Here are foods to avoid:

  • Candies and sweets: A sweet treat once in a while is harmless and can bring a smile to your face. However, consuming candies that stick to your teeth or gums should be avoided. Lollipops, caramels, taffy and gummies all have refined sugar and stick to the teeth instead of clearing out from the mouth quickly. These treats are known as “empty calorie foods” because they have no nutritional value and can lead to oral health harm, such as tooth decay.
  • Starchy foods: When you chew on starchy substances, such as bread and potato chips, the saliva works to break it down and turn it into sugar. Once broken down, starchy food easily stick and remain hidden in between your teeth. This can lead to plaque buildup if you are not regularly flossing and brushing. 
  • Sugary soft drinks: Whether it is “diet” or regular, carbonated sugary soft drinks are quite harmful for your oral health. These lemonade, iced tea, coke or sprite soft drinks enable plaque buildup and acid to coat your teeth. Most sugary soft drinks also contain a significant amount of sugar and phosphoric acid. Dark coloured sodas are additionally harmful in that they can discolour and stain the teeth.
  • Dried fruits: This food may come as more of a surprise than the others because they are a healthy snack. However, dried fruits – whether apricots, mangoes, figs or more – are sticky and can get stuck in between tooth crevices. These snacks can leave behind sugary residue that will remain trapped if not flossed in time.
  • Alcohol/foods that dry out the mouth: Drinking alcohol decreases your saliva flow and causing a dry mouth, which permits food to stick to the teeth and bacteria to remain. Saliva is essential to wash away germs and any sticky substances from adhering to teeth, while also repairing initial signs of tooth decay and other oral health issues.

By going to routine dental check-ups at 123 Edward Street Dental, you are taking the necessary preventative measures to maintain good oral health. If you have a dental emergency, such as root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extraction, book an appointment with us today,

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